TacoJS is a monthly meetup centered around programming, tacos, and live performances. We are organized with these goals in mind:

  • Have attendees actually meet and talk to one another. :wave:
  • Promote a diverse and inclusive environment. :heart:
  • Get people to have fun. :tada:

Today the meetup is co-organized by and Melody Starling. It’s held in Philadelphia every month on a Thursday.


$300/month or more

During the event, sponsors have a chance to talk to attendees in a casual setting. Here are some other things you get with your sponsorship:

  • Stage time: Two minutes of stage time to do whatever you want with (the more creative the better).
  • Free tickets: Two tickets for people at your company (no recruiters).
  • Swag and merch: Place to put stickers and swag on the check-in desk or on tables around the venue.
  • Branding: Featured in the reminder emails to the attendees and shown on the TacoJS site.
  • Opt-in email list: We ask all attendees whether they’d like to be contacted by sponsors. We’ll share the contact information of those (and only those) who have opted in.

(Note: during the first few months of TacoJS, we may adjust the sponsorship package to match the needs of running our meetup. We will give you a month’s notice before changing anything, and all leftover funds will always go to non-profits. See https://github.com/TacoJS/tacojs.github.io/issues/5 for more info.)


The first session was in July 2016 and it has been held monthly ever since. We use funds to cover the cost of food, the venue, and equipment. We donate all unused funds each month to non-profits such as Coded by Kids, Hopeworks, Code for Philly, StudentRND, and GirlDevelopIt.

Speakers & Attendees

Our past speakers have worked as developers at established companies, as well as smaller startups. Here are a few of those companies:

  • Automattic
  • Comcast
  • Zivtech


We believe this industry can and should be more inclusive. Here are the things we do to make that happen:

  • Donations: We donate all proceeds to non-profits such as Coded by Kids and GirlDevelopIt.
  • Student sponsorships: We sponsor students to come to the event so they can meet more people in the industry. So far, we’ve had students from High School, Penn, Temple, and NY Code & Design Academy.
  • Diverse speakers: We make sure that we have a wide range of speakers at each of our events, with an eye toward gender, racial, and socioeconomic diversity.


How do I sponsor an event?

If you’re interested in sponsoring TacoJS, please contact Melody at tacojs (at) melody.cool.

Can we have a speaker the same month that we sponsor?

You sure can! Your talk can not be about recruiting, but you are more than welcome to use your 2-minute spot during intros to talk about jobs.

How many sponsors do you have per month?

We have up to three sponsors per month.