A fun night of code & tacos!

Our next meetup will be on Tuesday, January 24 at 6:00 pm at CandiDate/Industrious Office in Philadelphia (map).

Tickets are $10 and leftover proceeds go to Coded by Kids.

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January 2017 Schedule

5:00 pm



Get out of work early? Feel free to swing by for an hour of coworking.

6:00 pm

Get some tasty tacos and drinks

6:45 pm


7:00 pm

Yeoman Generators: How Hard It Could Be?


Talk by Mickael Tardy @m1ketardy

7:15 pm

A Better Technical Interview


Talk by Sam Jones @samjonester

Technical interviews are scary! They often involve pairing, but not the way we do it in real life. Let's discuss a better way to handle technical interviews than playing buzzword bingo and solving algorithms as fast as we can!

7:30 pm

Guitar Covers


Talk by Abraham Walters @abe

Some cool guitar covers from Abraham.

7:35 pm

Isomorphic Clojure Web Apps


Talk by Brian Hurlow @bhurlow

A talk about techniques for developing websites using isomorphic Clojure code – so Clojure(script) that runs on the jvm and in the browser sharing as much generic code as possible. This opens up areas lots of interesting possibilities for web applications – server-side rendering of React components, lots more code reuse, hot-reloading, this kind of 🔥. Many people have explored these techniques in js, but less so in the Clojure world.

8:00 pm

Apostrophe: Philly's own node.js CMS


Talk by Tom Boutell @boutell

A lightning introduction to Apostrophe, an open-source CMS built entirely on node.js and JavaScript here in Philly. Learn how to create sites with contextual editing, custom widgets and custom content times with a minimum of code... and when there is code, it's all JavaScript.


TacoJS is a meetup about web technology with a side of tacos and live performances. We try to meet on the last Tuesday every month.

All participants are expected to follow JSConf Code of Conduct.


Every month, we get fresh tacos delivered from a different jawnt across the Philadelphia area. This month's tacos are from Buena Onda!

If you have dietary restrictions we should be aware of, please tell us in the form after you RSVP.

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This month's event made possible by our wonderful sponsors:

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All participants are expected to follow the JSConf Code of Conduct.

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