What’s TacoJS?

TacoJS is a monthly meetup centered around programming, tacos, and live performances.

How do I submit a talk?

You can either create a new issue on GitHub or send us an email in the footer link. Come chat in #tacojs on the PhillyDev Slack OR #speaking on the BoroJS Slack if you want immediate feedback.

When and where will it be?

  • When: 6:30-9:30pm, usually on Thursday
  • Where: Somewhere near Center City Philadelphia, accessible by transit

Do I need to be an expert to talk?

Nope. This meetup is supposed to be fun and casual, so we want everyone to participate. We especially encourage people of under-represented groups to apply.

What kind of talks are you looking for?

We don’t have a strict formula and we encourage you to surprise us, but this is the balance we try to strike every month:

2x Creative Talks:

Creative applications of programming. Past examples are generating lego murals out of static images, and building an in-browser RPG.

1x Passion Talk:

Something you’re excited about outside of work. Past examples are starting and maintaining an open source project, and using meditation and programming side by side.

1x Technical Talk:

A deep dive on a technical topic. Past examples are optimizing your code for the V8 JavaScript engine, and using functional programming for developing UI.

How long should my talk be?

Ten minutes. There won’t be any formal Q&A; we encourage attendees to ask questions in person later. We also try to introduce you well enough so you can speed through any self-bio slides.

What should be in my talk submission?

Just a few sentences describing what you want to talk about would be great.

What’s the A/V situation?

We’ll have HDMI to plug into (for video and audio) and a mic for you to use. Let us know if you need any fancy adapters (we’ll have some Apple ones).

Do I need to submit my slides beforehand?

Nope, but please show up at least 30 minutes before your talk.

What resolution is the projector?

Our project is widescreen, optimized for 1080x1920 resolutions.